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In 1963, our company is set up as a pure printing press company. In 2002, we change the company name to PENERBITAN YOP. Since then we started to add more services to our company.

We are now a professional company that specializes in Business Growth Consultation, Printing, and Publishing. We help the business owner to GROW THEIR BUSINESS and INCREASE THEIR BUSINESS IMAGE.

We only work with the business owner that is serious about making money, strike to provide great service and improves their business image. The business also should believe that high-quality products and/or services can bring an excellent result to the business. If your business has this requirement then we can work together. We really want your business to be a success.

We only give you the best in quality and result. We do all the jobs in-house. We have our own printing press, designer, and marketer. We believed that every business exists to make money and provide great service to their customers

Our Motto

Our motto is HIGHEST QUALITY, EXCELLENT RESULT. This is what we try to give you if we work together.